Winter Markets, Bookending Winter 2018

Finally found my new home!


Hi from my little corner in the world. Its time for another Bookending Winter 2018 post.

I loved this prompt from when I first read it on Bookending Winter’s introductory post. This prompt was created by Camilla over at The reader in the attic in which you may ‘Choose a world or more than one, and describe its Winter Market. What commerciants would sell? Which toys, sweet treat, and other nice objects?’

Here is Camilla’s post on this magical winter market that she has created for us!


I have a beautiful winter marker in my head as well and I hope I will be able to transfer it to you the way I see here it goes..

Even thought it is cold outside we are in a lovely and warm setting. The streets ahead are all paved with bricks and the surrounding buildings are built with bricks too. The buildings are high and they all have cast iron balconies with beautiful flower pots with all sort of colors of flowers in them.

Pirate's Alley


Running along each side of these streets are the winter market stores. Each merchant has his or her own store where all sorts of goodies are sold. As soon as you walk down the street several warm and sweet aromas hit your senses.


The first stores you will come across offer you warm drinks; coffees and teas from far away places, hot cocoa with any topping you like, warm wine spiced with cinnamon and clove.


Moving further up you will find stores offering you sweet and savory treats. Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian or have a sweet tooth; there is something for everyone. Souvlaki on the skewer and cubed veggies with warm spices, cooked over a fire. Sweet almonds coated with caramel and candied apples, chocolate drops plain or with fillings.


Last but not least are the stores selling different hand crafted gifts. Wooden jewellery boxes with wintery themes, or wooden plaques with quotes written on them, blown glass vases and bowls. There will be something for every one to buy.

At the end of the winter market street there is an opening leading to a lovely wooden dock right by the sea. Several benches are on this deck where the visitors of the market can rest and enjoy the threats they have bought and enjoy the sound of the winter foamy waves breaking on the side of the dock.


I hope I have managed to transfer the beauty of my imaginary winter market to you as vivid as it is in my imagination!

Have you ever visited such a market in real life? If you have, please let me know where it is so that I can arrange to visit it one day! It would be just like a dream come true!

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time.






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