2019 Reading/Blogging Goals|Book Ending Winter 2018

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Hi everyone from my little corner in the world!

This is the last BookEnding Winter 2018 post and I have chosen to post it on the last day of the year because it talks about goals! OK I will admit..maybe its not the last day of the year in some places in the world but I am taking my chances with this one since I have only just now found some time to write the post.


The prompt is called 2019 Reading Goals and it was initiated by Lauren over at Northern Plunder and you may find Lauren’s post on this prompt here.

To be completely honest with you I have never put any goals for my blog nor any reading goals so far (excluding the Goodreads reading goal for which I was wayyyy off target for 2018). So when I saw Lauren’s prompt I thought hey this is a good idea.. maybe it will help keep you on track with your blog and your reading/reviews. I will change it up a bit though and focus both on blogging and bookish goals.


As you probably already know I am very new to the blogging scene. When I initially created my blog it was something experimental which focused on very short book reviews. But as the time went by and I got deeper into it I realized that there is so much more to blogging; it can take the form of so many things and it does not have to be only about books.

A few months ago I also found the tweeter blogging family. It was something completely new to me and I was surprised to discover that you can find such amazing and supportive people on there. It is such a boost for a new blogger. I met some great bloggers on there to whom I owe a lot of the energy I have found to put in this blogging journey of mine. So thank you to all of you for helping me, each of you in your own way!


I have just made my self a cup of coffee and I am ready to talk about goals for 2019.

  • One of the first things that I would like to achieve is to start planning. Planning for both my book reviews and the blog posts that I would like to do. Life gets so hectic when you have a family and a full time job, but I think that if you have some sort of plan set up then it will be so much easier to get organized. I may not be able to follow it through to the letter and there might be some late nights trying to keep up but I believe that it will help me stay on track.


  • I would like to talk about more than books on my blog. I mean, to write some posts that are not book reviews. Maybe write some discussion posts that talk about other things too. The challenging thing here for me will be to find topics to talk about. Topics that other people will also find interesting.
  • Be more present in the blogging scene. Write blog posts more often and also blog hop more often. The only problem I have here is the lack of time but I guess planning will also help me manage better.
  • I would like to read more. I have so many books that I want to read.  A lot of ARC’s and also plenty of other books that I have had on my TBR for ages. Reading gives me great pleasure, it relaxes me and helps me just get to be far away for a little while. So yes I want to be able to read more this year. I will set my Goodreads reading goal to 18 books. It may seem like a very small number of books to read but for me it will be an accomplishment.


  • Create a Pinterest bookish account. I love all the Pinterest posts that I see and I would love to be able to do something like that. I hope to be able to give it a shot in 2019.
  • The biggest challenge of them all will be to go easy on myself if I see that I will not be able to meet all of my blogging goals for the year. Life does get in the way sometimes and we have to be able to understand that we are not just machines. We have to slow down and take a breather sometimes.


These are my goals for 2019. I will surely update you on how I will do with keeping up with them during the year.

Do you have any goals for 2019? Feel free to comment and let me know all about it! Surely we can motivate each other!

Taking this opportunity I would like to wish you all a blessed and healthy New Year 2019.

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time.




11 thoughts on “2019 Reading/Blogging Goals|Book Ending Winter 2018

  1. Yes….take it step by step and take on one new thing at a time! I created a bookstagram in 2017 and I joined Pinterest at the beginning of 2018……and I’m just now hopping on to twitter. It takes several months to master each new thing! Don’t burn out! Cheers to a new year of learning and growing and reading! You’re doing great!

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  2. Happy New Year! I love love love Pinterest (even though most of my time spent there is saving anything to do with fandom!

    I’m definitely going to push myself to read more and post more in 2019. I actually can’t wait to post, even though that means having to sit down and write all the reviews…which aren’t helping me wanting to be written.

    And also my writing, of course! I’m planning to finish my first draft by March, at least, so I can get busy on all those edits everyone’s talking about!

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  3. Aaaah these are some great goals Christina! Planning is my love and saves me from so much, honestly without planning I’d be a puddle already weeping and wailing. I’m hoping to also read more I guess, and just to get out of my reading slump which has lasted too long :/

    Liked by 1 person

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