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Hi! My name is Christina and I am a working mum of 2 beautiful children. A lover of books and good coffee! This blog will talk about books and a little bit about life and anything else that might come up. Thanks for stopping by!

Book Review: The silent patient by Alex Michaelides

Finally found my new home!

Hi my bookish friends!

Hope that you are all ok and that you are keeping well in the midst of this horrible pandemic. ❤️

Today I will bring to you my review of one of the books that really rocked the bookish world in 2019, The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.

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Book Tour: ‘Five Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ by Maurice Barkley

Finally found my new home!.png


Hi my bookish pals!

Hope that you are all keeping well and safe in the midst of this pandemic that has plagued the whole world.

So… I will try to lighten the mood by portraying the happiness that was evident on my face when I found out that I was invited to take part in the blog tour of Mr. Maurice Barkley’s ‘Five Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ (Formally titled ‘The Holborn Toy Shop and other Stories’)! Thank you so much Dave TheWriteReads and Mr. Barkley for this opportunity! Continue reading

Book Review: Every Time He Dies, by Tara East

Finally found my new home!

Hello my bookish friends!

It has finally arrived! The time for another book review!

Every time he dies, is a paranormal mystery book and it was such a joy to read. It is one of the best paranormal books that I have read so far. And look at that cover! Stunning!

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Book Review: The boy in the mansion, by Nikki Lewis

Finally found my new home!

Hello dearest book-friends!

It’s been a while…as always life got in the way of me and my book reading..

BUT I am back to bring a review of a book that I both loved and hated but, of course, could not put down at the same time! Has that happened to you? Before you start running to conclusions let me explain what I mean. Continue reading