Beta reading & Editing services

This page is dedicated to my love for reading and my eye for detail.

As you may have guessed I love to read but I am also a very detail oriented person. And because of this I have an awesome eye for detail.

I noticed this once I started blogging. I would read a book to review and I would notice tiny errors in them or even big ones sometimes. Plot holes or mistakes as well! You can’t say it was time for breakfast in one paragraph and then dinner time two paragraphs later right?

So I thought I need to pursue this eye for detail of mine and help authors out!

Thats why I decided to start Beta Reading and editing. I am not a professional editor though so I will only be able to beta read your MS and provide some light proofreading and editing. I will also send you a letter of comments on your MS based on my findings.

I always offer a free sample of my work for the first couple of chapters of your work. How else will we know if we are good match and will be able to work well together!

My favorite genres are romance, thrillers, paranormal and fantasy books but I am always open to new challenges!

I also have an active gig on Fiverr which also has recent testimonials about my work. The link to the gig is below:

If this is something that would interest you please feel free to send me a message to discuss further terms.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to working with you!