Blog Tour: A Different Time by Michael K. Hill

Finally found my new home!

Hello hello everyone!

Today I am very proud to present to you my views on the paranormal romance written by Michael K. Hill,  A Different Time.

Here is the blurb from Goodreads

Keith Nolan falls in love with a remarkable young woman from the past, talking to him on a home video she recorded in 1989. To keep their conversation going, he must find more of her tapes—while forces work against them both, and time is running out.

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Blog Tour: Heart of Stone by Ben Galley

Finally found my new home!

Hello dear book friends!

Have I ever told you that, for me, a good movie is all about the opening scene? No? Well, it is! And I am sure you will agree with me when I say that the same thing applies for books too!

The opening scene in the book I am about to tell you about does just that. It sets the mood for what will come and it seems to be so dark and yet somehow also so very calm in a way.

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Blog Tour: After the Green Withered by Kristin Ward

Day Two(1)

Hello from my little corner in the world and welcome to my first ever blog tour!!

The Blog Tour is about the sci-fi/dystopian book ‘After the Green Withered’ written by the award-winning indie author Kristin Ward.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this, but firstly let me thank Dave, of The Write Reads and the author of the book, Kristin Ward, for providing an e-copy of the book and for allowing me to take part in this blog tour!

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