2019 Reading/Blogging Goals|Book Ending Winter 2018

Finally found my new home!.png

Hi everyone from my little corner in the world!

This is the last BookEnding Winter 2018 post and I have chosen to post it on the last day of the year because it talks about goals! OK I will admit..maybe its not the last day of the year in some places in the world but I am taking my chances with this one since I have only just now found some time to write the post.

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Christmas Characters Tag, Bookending Winter

Finally found my new home!


Ahem..I may be a little bit late for this but better late than never, right?!

So as you may have guessed I have finally found some time to do some of the Bookending Winter posts! Bookending Winter (@bookend_events) is an event put together by the awesome Clo (@eloisethewriter) and Sam (@Sammers65) which is Christmas and New Year related but you are not restricted to just this. You can post about anything you want as long as you use the logo of the event!


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